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The final coins needed to complete the collection!

With another year almost over, it is time to check on which coins I need to complete my collection and fill the albums.50p Coins: I need three more 50p coins in total.
The only non-Olympic coin that I need is the rarest- Kew Gardens.
I only need two more Olympic coins, which are two of the rarest- football and triathlon.

£2 Coins: I need nine more £2 coins designs in total.
Luckily, I already have the rarest of the £2 coins- Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland, however, there are still three more commonwealth games coins in the set, which are almost as rare to find.

I also need the following ones, which are quite rare, so would be great to find:

4. 2016- The final Shakespeare coin in the three-part set- tragedies.
5. 2015- Magna Carta
6. 2015- WWI Navy Centenary.
7. 2013- Underground roundel.
8. 2012- Olympic Rio handover
9. 2011- Mary Rose

New coins for the collection!

For Christmas, I got four more coins to add to the albums. These were three A-Z 10p coins and one £2! Two of the A-Z 10p coins were 2019- Y for yeoman warder, and Z for zebra crossing, which were the final two to complete the 2019 set. I also got a 2018- T for tea, which I also needed.

The £2 that I got was part of the Shakespeare set- the histories coin. This a good addition, because I now only need the tragedies to complete the 3 part 2016 set- comedies, which I already had, histories and tragedies.

An incredible 50p hunt!

On Saturday, I had a fantastic £50 of 50p coins hunt, where I found a bag full of commemorates and more- 26 in total! Somebody must have been emptying out their collection! Some of these include 2x Olympic basketballs, 2x Benjamin Britten coins, various Beatrix Potters and other common ones (see images below).

December mag out NOW!

My new December coin magazine is out now!
Just click here to download it! Please open on a computer or make sure you have downloaded the word app on a phone. If you have any issues, please contact me at or post a comment below.