The final coins needed to complete the collection!

With another year almost over, it is time to check on which coins I need to complete my collection and fill the albums.

50p Coins:

I need three more 50p coins in total.
The only non-Olympic coin that I need is the rarest- Kew Gardens.
I only need two more Olympic coins, which are two of the rarest- football and triathlon.

1. Kew Gardens

2. Olympic: Triathlon
3. Olympic: Football

£2 Coins:

I need nine more £2 coins designs in total.
Luckily, I already have the rarest of the £2 coins- Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland, however, there are still three more commonwealth games coins in the set, which are almost as rare to find.

1. Scotland
2. England
3. Wales

I also need the following ones, which are quite rare, so would be great to find:

4. 2016- The final Shakespeare coin in the three-part set- tragedies.
5. 2015- Magna Carta
6. 2015- WWI Navy Centenary.
7. 2013- Underground roundel.
8. 2012- Olympic Rio handover
9. 2011- Mary Rose

4. Tragedies

5. Magna Carta

6. Navy Centenary

7. London Underground
8. Rio Handover
9. Mary Rose

10p A-Z Coins:
I now don't need any more 2019 10p coins, but spares are always good!
I only need two more 2018 10p coins now- J and N.

All Coin Dates:

I also need some normal coins, but certain dates, so take a look at the list below to find which ones I need. 

Red: NIFC (not supposed to be in circulation, very rare).

Blue: Lower Mintage (able to be found, but rare).

Highlighted yellow: Mintage figures not yet out. (I don't know the rarity of the coin- 2019 only).