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Another Olympic in this week's 50p hunt!

In this week's hunt, I have had luck with me again, as I have found another Olympic!

Face value coins:
I found three Tale of Peter Rabbit coins,  a 2016 Team GB, a Sherlock Holmes and both of the 2019 Paddington coins- at the Tower and at St. Paul's Cathedral.

I also found a UK entry to the EEC, which is more than face value, selling on eBay for £1.72 on average.

The star of this hunt was definitely the Table Tennis Olympic 50p, which sells on eBay  for £2.41 on average.

Hopefully the luck will stay with me next week!

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This week's 50p hunt!

This week, I have found 6 coins. I do not need any of these, but I found one that is slightly more than face value.
The one slightly more than face value is the Battle of Hastings, which typically sells on eBay for £1 - £2.50. 

 The next coin is Jeremy Fisher, which is just worth face value, but I still kept as I needed spares.

The final coins are:
1. Commonwealth Games Glasgow
2. Johnson's Dictionary
3. 2x Representation of the People Act.
These are not worth more than face value, and I don't need any more spares, so they will be going back to the bank next week!

More luck with a 50p hunt!

Today, I have found another five coins from my £50 of 50p coins coin hunt, which I do every week.
These include two Olympics and three other common ones.
The first Olympic is goalball, which sells on eBay for £2-£4.
The second Olympic is athletics, which sells on eBay for £2-£3. I do not need these, however, it is always good to have spares, especially if they are worth more than face value!

The other three are 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, 2017 Tale of Peter Rabbit and 2019 Sherlock Holmes.

New Year's Finds!

A big shoutout and thank you to Mark Parsons and Mila for finding three more 50p coins!

The first 50p is Olympic taekwondo, which is a coin that I have not yet found, so this is a good addition, meaning I only need three more 50p coins to complete the whole set!

The next two are both duplicates, but worth more than face value.
One is Isaac Newton, which can sell for around £4-£6 on eBay.
The final coin is the Battle of Hastings, which sells for around £1-£2.50.

They have also made me a t-shirt with the words "COIN HUNTER" and "KEEP HUNTING" on!