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The new £20 note released!

Today is 20/02/20, which means the brand new polymer £20 note is out today! This note features JMW Turner, voted for by the public. He is the first artist to ever appear on a UK banknote. The design features one of Turner’s most recognisable works, ‘The Lighting Temeraire’. The note is now circulating alongside the paper ones, which will eventually be phased out after six months. 

There is also news for a new £50 note including mathematician and Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing, which we do not yet know the design of, but we know will be entering circulation some time in 2021. 

Another Olympic in This 50p Hunt!

This week, I was lucky and got another Olympic, four face value coins, a coin more than face value and a rare date!

Face value coins:
1) Dictionary
2) Victoria Cross Medals
3) Benjamin Bunny
4) 3x Sherlock Holmes

I then found a Battle of Hastings, which sells on eBay for an average of £1.82.

The star of this hunt is the Olympic Badminton. This sells on eBay for an average of £1.46.

I also found a 2017 shield, which is the fifth rarest 50p (not including Olympics). It sells for an average of £1.95 on eBay.

February Magazine Out Now!

The February magazine is out now!

A Brand new 50p flyer!

This flyer will show you how much 50p coins are worth and what rare dates to look for. Click here to get this brand new flyer!

Paddington Party in This Week's 50p Hunt!

In this week's 50p hunt, I found 18 commemorative coins, 10 of which were 2019 Paddington coins. 
1. 1x Public libraries coin
2. 1x Dictionary coin
3. 3x Representation of the People Act coins
4. 3x Sherlock Holmes coins
5. 4x Paddington at the Tower coins
6. 6x Paddington at St. Paul's Cathedral coins

I also found a 2008 Britannia 50p, which can sell on eBay for an average of £1.39.

I also checked last week's coins for the dates, and found another 2008 Britannia.

Brexit 50p Coin Released!

On 31st January 2020, one of the most historically significant events took place; Britain left the EU, so the Royal Mint have released a brand new coin into circulation- the new brexit 50p!
This coin features the inscription 'peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations' and the correct date, which the Royal Mint have had to change to 31 January 2020.

The first ever commemorative 50p was actually the entry to the European Union, in 1973, and now we have a coin to commemorate us leaving. At the moment, it is unknown how many were released, so it could be really rare or really common. The mintage figures will most likely come out some time next year.

I am surprised that this coin is entering circulation this soon, as I would have thought the demand for 50p coins has gone down, since the two Paddington coins were only released last summer, and seem to be quite highly minted.

As usual, the Royal Mint have released a BU (brilliant uncirculated coin), a silver proof coin (plated in…

The Luck Has Gone in This Week's 50p Hunt!

This week, my luck from past weeks was not with me, as I only found 3 different designs, which were all just face value.

The first was obviously Benjamin Bunny, the most common 50p in circulation, with a mintage of 25 million!

The next two were both the new 2019 Paddington 50p coins; Paddington at the tower and at St. Paul's Cathedral. I found three Paddington at the tower coins and one Paddington at St. Paul's Cathedral. The mintage for these coins has not yet been released.

I hope my luck will be back next week and I find some more interesting coins!