Could the luck be returning in this 50p hunt?

This Saturday, the luck returned and I found three coins that are worth more than face value, which I haven't found for a while!

Common coins:

1. 1x Victoria Cross: Heroic Acts
2. 1x Benjamin Bunny
3. 2x Representation of the People Act
4. 1x Paddington at the Palace
5. 1x Sherlock Holmes
6. 1x Paddington at the Tower

Rarer coins:

Firstly, I found a dirty NHS, which I haven't found for a while. If it was in good condition, it would sell for an average of £1.19 on eBay.

Next, I found a Beatrix Potter 50p, which I seem to have quite good luck with, as I have found quite a few!
It can sell on eBay for an average of £1. 

Finally, I found an Olympic: Equestrian, which I haven't ever found in a hunt before! It can sell on eBay for £1.75.

I hope that the luck will return for next week's hunt!